A bill on Governor Rauner’s desk could go a long way toward helping the thousands of Illinois students who rely on MAP grants to help pay the cost for their education and the higher education institutions that serve those students.

The governor is threatening to veto Senate Bill 2043, which would release MAP grant funds.

The situation is dire for Illinois colleges and universities.

Without the MAP grant funds or a state budget this year, Chicago State University is on the brink of closing down. Other state schools are implementing severe cuts — Western Illinois University is laying off 50 faculty members and Eastern Illinois University is also struggling.

This is a crisis for Illinois higher education. Releasing the MAP grant funds is crucial.

The IEA Higher Ed Council and the Illinois Federation of Labor Higher Education are organizing a Blitz call to the governor on Feb. 18! 

Please call the numbers below and bombard the governor’s telephone system on Feb. 18!

Tell the governor and/or his staff that higher education and MAP Grants must be funded and he should sign SB2043.

217-782-0244 or 217-782-6830 (Springfield)

312-814-2121 (Chicago)

Or leave a message on his online communication portal

Please call now and SHARE THIS MESSAGE!