Hillary Clinton participates in NEA Board "town hall" meeting - October 3, 2015 (Photo Eric Brown)

The NEA Board of Directors today voted to recommend the candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States in the Democratic Primary Election.
Clinton, who met with the board Saturday morning, received 75 percent of the vote from the 174-member NEA Board, which has voting representatives from all NEA constituents.

A NEA Board of Directors recommendation requires at least 58 percent support. All seven of the IEA members on the NEA Board voted to support the Clinton recommendation.

According to IEA President Cinda Klickna, former Secretary of State Clinton, who received the NEA’s Friend of Education Award in 1999, is a lifelong supporter of public education, and of the collective bargaining rights of education employees.

“Hillary Clinton has always been on the right side of the key education issues. She supports reducing the role of standardized tests. She believes in equal opportunity for all students, regardless of their ZIP code. She opposes school vouchers and supports making college more affordable.

“She will fight to ensure all students have access to arts education, school nurses, librarians and counselors, and funding. Hillary Clinton will be a true champion for students and public education” Klickna said.

To be considered for a recommendation, candidates must complete a questionnaire and sit for an in-person, videotaped interview with NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. The videos were made available to NEA members via the Internet.

The NEA questionnaire was sent to all viable presidential candidates, including Republicans, Democrats and third-party candidates.

The only presidential candidates to complete this process were former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and U.S. Senator Bernard “Bernie” Sanders of Vermont.


  1. @Caroll Scott. Perhaps if you re-read the first paragraph from the IEA you would feel a little better about YOUR UNION. I think it clearly states that this endorsement is for the democratic nomination to run for President.

  2. The recommendation of Hillary Clinton came after months of deliberation and debate and listening by your elected representatives to members across Illinois and the nation.
    The recommendation is for the Primaries, which start in February, not a year from now.
    The NEA is a union and a professional association and must be engaged in influencing public policy for our students and members.
    The Clinton primary followed the same process we have used in prior elections. Any General Election recommendation would be made at our Rep. Assembly.
    Every announced and several unannounced candidates were asked numerous times to participate in the NEA recommendation process–All GOP and all Dems including VP Biden. Only three chose to participate.
    The NEA PAC Council and then the NEA Board approved the Clinton recommendation with more than the required super majority votes.

  3. NEA LEADERSHIP, how can a union leadership declare a candidate for president, when we don't even know the nominees yet! ARE WE A UNION, or are you representing educators who have a right not to be ridiculed by the media for such a suggestion! I think NEA is becoming a UNION and forgetting that we are to be educated and helping students and not predicting the future when we don't know the candidates. I am disappointed and will be shameful more so when the media gets this news!

  4. It is way too early for the NEA to make a decision for presidential endorsement. They only interviewed 3 candidates…do they think membership isn't smart enough to say…WAIT, WE ARE INTELLIGENT and it is over a year away until the election. Let us be smart educators and see who the nominees are from each party before NEA tries to convince us who we should vote for. Hillary Clinton hasn't even been chosen as the Democratic nominee. What is happening to our education leaders, or is a UNION, not thinking that we educators need are out there and alive and want all the information before committing. WATCH OUT NEA FOR THE BACKLASH FROM THE MEDIA, and that is something we do not need.

  5. Well, she won't be getting my support. There are other candidates that I have more trust and faith in than her.

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