The Illinois Education Association released the following statement in reaction to Gov. Rauner’s announcement that he had signed PreK-12 education appropriations legislation passed by the General Assembly:

With today’s signing of the education budget bills passed by the General Assembly, Gov. Rauner has removed the cloud of uncertainty that had been hanging over public schools statewide.

We hope that all parties will now concentrate on the goal of quickly resolving the rest of the state budget in a way that can avoid any shutdown of state facilities and any interruption in the delivery of state services. We believe that revenue should be part of the budget discussion.


  1. Rauner is NOT going to be good for education, teachers, students, less than affluent people, handicapped or disabled.,he wants ONE thing to destroy unions and our system in Illinois as we know it.
    He had to fund what he just signed and he knew it! I hope both senate and house leaders as well as democrats remain strong! This Il governor is NOT a friend. It's his way or the highway.

  2. I have no doubt that just because he signed this part of the budget, Rauner will expect…. no, demand, our support for the rest of his agenda. I'm sure he considers this a 'favor' to us. While I'm grateful to have the funding in place, we must continue to stand strong against his pro-business, anti-union, destroy-the-middle-class agenda.

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