IEA members can deliver powerful messages of union solidarity and support for public schools this week as we head toward the scheduled end of the legislative session.

At the suggestion of the IEA CAPE committee (Committee to Combat Attacks on Public Education) we think a public demonstration is warranted. That’s why this Friday is designated:


With concerns about the impact of a possible Rauner “turnaround” budget on working conditions and labor negotiations throughout the state, by wearing red we can visibly show support for public education, a vital institution under unprecedented attack across the country.

The Illinois General Assembly this week will be discussing our right to collectively bargain and will be developing a budget that will likely be insufficient for students and schools.

IEA members are advocates for our students and always stand up for public education.  Recently, in North Carolina, a proposed bill would make it illegal to participate in even wearing red for ed, or having students engage in writing to legislators etc.  Wearing red this Friday will also show our support for fellow educators in another state as well as for students and educators here in Illinois.

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