Remember this Chicago Tribune cartoon from December 6, 2013, following the passage of SB1, the pension-cutting bill?

TRIB 20131203


Here’s what we said about it at the time:

Oh, how the patrons of Chicago’s exclusive private clubs must have laughed at that cartoon.

I imagine men in very nice suits, surrounded by the aroma of expensive cigars, holding brandy snifters, elbowing each other in the ribs and pointing to the part of the dog that’s been “fixed,” chortling all the while.


The men and women of AFSCME provide services on which the people of our state rely. They work hard and have negotiated with their employer for compensation that is commensurate with the effort and skill involved in their jobs.

I’ll bet the original version of this cartoon had the dog tag reading “Unions,” but then someone probably pointed out that that would mean the paper would be taking a repugnant cheap shot at teachers, police officers and firefighters; people the paper would be less comfortable attacking.

As crack journalist Ron Burgundy likes to say, “stay classy.”

It was a Chicago newspaperman, Finley Peter Dunne, who came up with the words that, once upon a time, could have served as a mission statement for American newspapers.

“Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

Those days are clearly over. The working people of Illinois are on their own.

We will need to stick together.

That’s we, the people.

SB1 is dead. But we still need to stick together.