The endless campaign of Gov. Rauner continues this week as various local governments consider the anti-middle class resolution that he calls his “Turnaround Illinois Agenda,” aka “empowerment zones,” aka “right to work zones.”

From the Illinois AFL-CIO, a list of local governing bodies that will consider the governor’s resolution this week.

Jefferson County Board will consider the anti-worker Rauner resolution on Monday, April 27 at 7p.m.

Lexington City Council (McLean County), 7:30 p.m. Monday, April 27, 329 W. Main St., Lexington, IL 61753

City of Chicago Committee on Workforce Development and Audit to consider resolution calling for hearings on Rauner’s anti-worker resolution at 11 a.m., Tuesday, April 28 in City Council Chambers (NOTE: This is a pro-worker resolution countering the governor’s)

Village of Mahomet (Champaign County) will consider Rauner resolution 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 28 at Village Administrative Office, 503 E. Main Street

Kane County Board Committee of the Whole, 4 p.m. April 28 at Gov’t Ctr, 719 S Batavia Ave, Geneva. Bldg A, County Board Room (next scheduled Board meeting 5/12) (anti-union)

Cook County Board, Wednesday, April 29 (This is a pro-worker resolution countering the governor’s)

Virtually every local government has been asked to consider the Rauner resolution but only 46 units of local government have placed the resolution on their agenda and 22 have passed it (48% success rate).

Based on the total number of local governments in Illinois, only .01% of local governments have passed the Rauner “turnaround agenda.”

Download/distribute IEA fact sheet/talking points on “right to work”, fair share

Here’s how Gov. Rauner’s ideas would weaken Illinois’ economy



  1. He doing this to get back at the unions who opposed him—it's mean spirited….and unjust! Can't we start an impeach Ruiner movement? Is "executive actions" regarding fair share go against Illinois law—law passed by the General Assembly–law which he is sworn to uphold….it seems to me to be a violation of separation of powers—let's find a way to impeach and remove him from office—-

  2. We work hard for the dollars that we do get and we still live pay check to pay check. Enough is enough! Why attack education….

  3. We must counter this horrible governor's vicious, unnecessary attacks. He just saved himself about 760,000 /yr in taxes. Not enuf for him? People work hard!

  4. Thank you, IEA! Please send this out every week, so we know where to take action and when it hits our town.

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