Statement from IEA President Cinda Klickna on

Gov. Rauner’ remarks, made April 22, 2015

 (Read what the governor said)

It is interesting that the only teacher voices the governor seems to hear are those of the tiny number who don’t wish to pay their fair share, while he ignores the overwhelming majority of teachers and education support professionals who choose to belong to a union. These dedicated professionals work, through their union, for high quality teaching and learning conditions in our schools.

Public education is crucial to Illinois’ future. Our 130 thousand members reject the governor’s attacks on the middle class and will continue to advocate, through their association, for high quality teaching and learning conditions because that’s what our students need and that is what will get Illinois back on track.

Regarding the governor’s comments on collective bargaining and local teacher activism, we’re surprised that Governor Rauner would come out against local control of public schools.

Governor Rauner is suggesting that teachers should be seen but not heard — that teachers should do as they’re told and that their professional expertise should be ignored.

We continue to believe that teachers have a better understanding of schools and students than politicians.

Teachers are the experts on what will work in our schools and what will help children learn. It might displease the governor, but we won’t be silent.