Governor Rauner is touring the state from April 6-11 to promote “key elements” of his “Illinois Turnaround Agenda.”

The governor will visit 17 counties, where he can be expected to continue to use misleading and erroneous information to try to persuade elected officials and the public that weakening unions and attacking working families is the key to bringing prosperity to Illinois.

The topics, according to the governor’s office:

• Economic Competitiveness and Job Growth;
• Taxpayer Protection and Property Tax Freeze Package;
• Transforming Government Package;
• Pension Reform Package.

Our state would be better served if the governor traveled the state listening instead of talking. If he did, the Governor would hear the same message from parents and teachers in all 102 counties.

  • They’d tell him that his policies devastate local schools and make it tougher to attract and retain the best teachers.
  • They’d tell him to stop erecting barriers to keep working people out of the middle class.
  • And they’d explain that his attacks on unions are attacks on all working families.

In short, if he was listening, the governor would hear Illinoisans tell him that the state’s problems require shared sacrifice and they can’t support his plan that punishes seniors and those most in need while helping multimillionaires like himself.

His schedule is not specific on locations, but here are the counties where the governor is going to spread his…message.

Monday, April 6
• Cook County
• DuPage County
• Will County
Tuesday, April 7
• Kane County
• Lake County
Wednesday, April 8
• McHenry County
• Winnebago County
• Rock Island County
Thursday, April 9
• Adams County
• Cass County
• Peoria County
Friday, April 10
• Sangamon County
• St. Clair County
• Randolph County
• Jefferson County
Saturday, April 11
• Richland County
• Champaign County

The governor probably won’t show up in Oswego, since, last week, the folks there made it clear where they stand on his resolution expressing support for anti-working families policies such as “right to work” or “empowerment” zones.  Oswego was the first test of his campaign to get local governments to adopt the resolution. No vote was taken after a huge turnout in support of working families.

“This is wrong for Illinois and wrong for Oswego,” said Scott Roscoe, president of the Fox Valley Building Trades Council in Aurora. “The middle class doesn’t need another obstacle. If we don’t stop anti-worker schemes like right-to-work more families will fall behind.”


Roscoe said that right-to-work zones have no proven record of stimulating meaningful economic growth. He said they “destroy” the middle class.

Roscoe said workers would earn 5.7 to 7.4 percent less if the provision was enacted.

(Talking points on “right to work” and “empowerment zones”)

Coincidently, April 6-11 would be a great time to schedule a meeting with your senator and state representative to talk about ideas that will actually help education and support working families.

Learn how to have a successful meeting and get talking points.

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