To paraphrase a line we’ve used previously, Gov. Rauner isn’t taking “illegal” for an answer.

As Kurt Erickson of the Lee Newspapers statehouse bureau reported this week,

Gov. Bruce Rauner wants cities and villages to join his fight against organized labor.

In an email to mayors across the state, the head of the lobbying organization for municipalities said Rauner has asked for city councils to consider a resolution asking the state to allow local right to work zones, as well as changes to prevailing wage laws and worker compensation laws.

As you are aware, these zones, where union influence would be minimized and prevailing wage laws could be ignored, are already the subject of an opinion by Attorney General Lisa Madigan who says the the concept violates federal labor law. 

That is not stopping the most anti-working families governor in Illinois history. He’s asked the Illinois Municipal League to circulate a draft resolution, for local government bodies  that is supportive of the governor’s anti-union, anti-working families agenda.

The resolution’s highlights include…

WHEREAS, local control of bargaining would allow voters or local governments to determine if certain topics should be excluded from collective bargaining, including contracting, wages, provisions of health insurance, use of employee time, required levels of staffing, procedures and criteria for personnel evaluations; and 

WHEREAS, repealing the Illinois Prevailing Wage Law and the requirements for Project Labor Agreements would allow local governments more control over construction and project costs; and

WHEREAS, voters in our community should be allowed to decide via referendum whether or not employees should be forced to join a union or pay dues as a condition of employment;

Gov. Rauner paved the way for getting the Municipal League on board with his anti-union initiative when he introduced a budget proposal that would dramatically reduce state aid to local governments.

Illinois Municipal League Executive Director Brad Cole said the governor’s request came after cities began fighting a proposal to divert income tax money that normally goes to municipalities to help plug holes in the state budget.

“The governor’s office has asked that we follow up with mayors and managers on the Turnaround Agenda information and provide a resolution… that is supportive of his administration’s efforts,” Cole wrote in an email Monday.

See how that works? It’s good to be the king.

Gov. Rauner wants this resolution voted on in your community.

While it appears to be a draft for local governments other than school districts to adopt, and it would have no legal effect even if adopted, some of your school districts or communities might attempt to pass it as an advisory referendum.

This governor wants to eliminate unions and he thinks he can get that done in four years.

Any local government trying to pass this resolution should be called out for being anti-working family. Let us know if this is proposed in your community.

Stay alert – pay attention to what comes before your local units of government, including your school district.

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