UPDATE: A recording of the March 9 town hall is available on the IEA members only website.

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This Monday, March 9, IEA is hosting a live toll-free telephone town hall meeting focused on the implementation of the Partnership for Assessment Readiness for College and Careers, usually referred to as PARCC.

Participating in the event, and answering questions about PARCC, will be Supt. Chris Koch from the Illinois State Board of Education. He will answer questions about PARCC and about the federal NCLB waiver that Illinois received.

The one-hour “tele town hall” will start at 7:30 pm on Monday, March 9th.

It is easy for IEA teacher members to participate. At around seven thirty on Monday night, the members will receive an automated call inviting them to the town hall meeting. To participate, just stay on the line and you will be connected to the meeting.

The incoming number will be 844-432-1800.


  1. So sad. I had students writing, "I'm sorry, I dont know." Horribly difficult and unclear directions for so many kid. What's the point?

  2. We can only improve this and make specific recommendations for alterations by administering this standardized measure of learning and identifying flaws as well as practical improvements. Let's not panic but give this approach a fair chance before we undermine it and doom it to failure. Yes. it IS a big jump in rigor, but Common Core has many valuable components imbedded in it that are a significant improvement over the oft used cover all the textbook pages no matter what, memorize the content even though it wasn't understood and mastered and regurgitate the material on a multiple choice test with no thought of application ability!

  3. The research simulation is a section of the test. It is actually skills they are testing. They are seeing how the students do with research on a topic and pulling out important information

  4. People who created PARCC have never been in my classroom. They have no idea about the academic and affective needs of my students. How ignorant and arrogant of them to shove this assessment down our throats. Is this democracy?

  5. If this test is not a Pearson Profit scheme and it's not to data mine our kids or use our kids as unpaid testers under the guise of Common Core testing to secure funds and sell a test… Can anyone tell me why at the end of the test sections the kids are doing in class…. it Does Not say thank you for taking this test… but instead says.something along the lines of .."Thank you for participating in the Research Simulation" and the Procters quickly shut the screen down when that message comes up???

  6. My son will be refusing to take the test. I am frustrated and offended by many aspects of the PARCC assessment, but I am even angrier at how ISBE is handling it. The fear mongering and intimidation of parents and teachers is ridiculous. Forcing my 10 year old to defy his teachers by making him have to refuse for himself is just wrong. The parameters set, and methods used with kids who have special needs, IEPs, etc are unreasonable. This is a waste of time, money and resources, as well as being traumatic for students.

  7. This testing is a huge waste of resources and time. I find it appalling that my student is asked to spend hours and hours on a test that has no merit, no meaning or impact on her education, and that she herself must refuse it because as a parent I do not have that right. My student happens to be a special services student, and should not be placed in this position. Please put our teachers and students back to work on the things that matter–their classroom studies!

  8. I'd like to see Illinois forego future PARCC testing to provide teaches and students with the necessary time for TEACHING AND LEARNING. Let's invest our time getting students ready for their future rather than mandates that take away from lesson plans that cater to each learner. There is a reason that only a handful of states participate. It would be nice if Illinois would take a stand on this rather than trying to do it all. The repercussions are costly in time and resources. Draw a line.

  9. I agree. What is up? This has no educational merit at all, especially for our youngest students.

  10. Why isn't illinois standing up for our students by refusing this inappropriate testing? C'mon IEA, as a member I'm shocked. Most states have refused for good reason, stand up by shutting down this horrible assessment!

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