The Illinois State Board of Education’s Student Growth Training Modules Series is designed for both teachers and administrators to collaboratively engage in high quality professional development opportunities. The Facilitation Guide and Supplementary Materials is a companion to the Student Growth Training Modules Series. Included in this guide are practical activities that extend participants’ understanding of the training module content. Each module includes activities to encourage dialogue, promote engagement, and foster collaboration. The training modules are all 10-15 minutes and free!

View the Student Growth Training Module Series

  • Module 1 Introduction to Balanced Assessment
  • Module 2 Performance Evaluation Reform Act
  • Module 3 Conversations for Joint Committees
  • Module 4 Introduction to the SLO Process
  • Module 5 Defining a Learning Goal
  • Module 6 Selecting Assessments and Scoring Procedures
  • Module 7 Example Measurement Model
  • Module 8 Identifying Expected Growth Targets
  • Module 9 Documenting Actual Outcomes
  • Module 10 Assigning a Teacher Rating
  • Module 11 Statistical Measurement Models
  • Module 12 Guidance for Special Populations
  • Module 13 State Performance Evaluation Model