Sometimes, what isn’t said is as interesting as what is.

Governor Rauner previewed Wednesday’s State of the State speech in presentations in Decatur and Champaign last week, so the most attention-getting items (such as, “right to work zones”) were already known. No surprises.

Several people mentioned that they expected to hear something about pensions, or “education reform” ideas, yet…nothing.

As it turns out, those topics and more were still on the governor’s mind, he just didn’t wish to share them with the TV audience. “Pensions” and “teacher tenure” are among the items that appear on a handout that the governor’s people passed out at the Statehouse yesterday.

Rich Miller at CapitolFax Blog has analysis and reader comments


Gov. Rauner isn’t really known for having a great sense of humor, but he got a (unwanted) huge laugh Wednesday when, after getting applause for announcing his support for raising the minimum wage to $10, he dropped the punchline:

“…over seven years”

As a U of I Political Science professor put it, “The minimum wage ‘two-step’ of supporting an increase (reaching out to Democrats), then specifying a seven-year window for the increase to $10 was amusing. Sort of an ‘I’m with you guys on this … just not very much.'”




  1. Rauner is a hypocrite. He wants as much money as he can get for himself and his rich friends while he wants to keep middle class people, whom he looks down upon, from being able to advance. Anybody who voted for him was taken in by a huge sham

  2. I am proud to say that in my daughter small business, her practice is the minimum starting wage is $16.00 an hour. Rauner needs to go to the grocery store and live on the minimum wage that he expects people to live on. He needs to take a page from the other politician’s who tried that & are supportive of the minimum wage increase.

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