GPS NetworkJim Grimes, an Illinois higher education member, is facilitating an NEA online learning community for higher education. Visit to sign up.

The site, one of more than 150, is a virtual professional learning community focused on higher education. The community is being created to share best practices and perspectives spanning pre-K through graduate school.

This community is designed to explore higher ed issues including: Teacher Preparation, College Affordability (Degrees not Debt), Online Digital Learning, the Impact of Common Core on Higher Ed, etc. It is free and open to all! And you can create your own discussion threads and share your resources.

During the fall of 2014, the site will be offering virtual events including webinars on topics that interest our members. We are partnering with other online providers to use the latest technology and share the latest resources. As a group member you will be notified of these opportunities.

Higher education resources available at

A number of resources and sites are being shared including:

Please take a few minutes and join the GPS Network today!